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Welcome to the place where sexy girls attack those bits that men treasure the most. The site provides half hour videos of girl-on-guy ballbusting by sexy girls. Our content is 100 percent exclusive to and is shot and produced in-house in the UK.

Mistress Whiplash / Nikki

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About Me


I am an experienced professional Domme who has been involved in the industry, both sessioning and in femdom productions, since ~2000. I am fun, but also strict when it matters and very much enjoy making my visitors suffer.

I have a very large private space in northern Hampshire which, as well as a well equipped dungeon and a schoolroom, also contains domestic rooms such as living room, bedroom, office to ensure that any fantasy roleplay can come to life!

I have a serious footwear fetish and have built up a huge collection of gorgeous shoes and boots over the years. Along with the footwear I also have an equally huge collection of fetishwear and beautiful clothing and lingerie and can cater for pretty much any taste! Slaves are welcome to visit my dressing room and browse what is available...

As well as single sessions with myself, I also session together with a number of my Dominatrix friends including Miss Jessica, Miss Lina, fetishdoll/Miss Dawn, and others.

I also produce videos for all the websites linked immediately below.

If you would like any information that isn't listed here, please contact me via the contact form on the main site.

MistressWhiplash / Nikki

The most recent 20 videos from the site are listed below.

bb1378 : Ballbusting Bitch: Booted & Barefoot!

Sadistic and sexy, Fetish Nikki is in the mood to ballbust her slave hard! She clearly gets great enjoyment from kicking, punching and crushing his balls, savouring his suffering and submission to her. Her perfect legs encased in long leather boots deliver some sublime kicks from all angles, but Nikki also wants to feel the damage she is doing to those soft, delicate orbs of pain so she removes her boots to give some barefoot kicks and stomps too. . Published Thu May 16 2019.
This is just one of 476 videos published on this website.

bb1377 : Office Dr. Martens Ballbusting

Miss Petite's sexist boss Matthew wants her to wear sexy stiletto heels in the office, instead of her usual Doctor Marten boots. But Miss Petite wears her DM's for a very good reason - so she can kick sexist bosses in the nuts with them! She demonstrates how good they are for kicking balls to Matthew and redresses the balance of things in the workplace. Women are now in charge!. Published Thu May 9 2019.
This is just one of 476 videos published on this website.

bb1376 : Bound Ballbusting Slut

Tiffany and Nikki join forces to give their bound ballbusting slut a vicious and brutal ball kicking, kneeing and crushing. He's tied with his legs apart, to be ballbusted by them as they see fit.. Published Thu May 2 2019.
This is just one of 476 videos published on this website.

bb1375 : Sophia Tests Her Ballbusting Skills

Sophia hasn't kicked balls in a while, and she wants to make sure she has still got the same vicious skill and accuracy as before, so she summons Nadman and uses his balls to test herself. The results are conclusive: she is still an utterly cruel, hard and accurate ballbuster and has no trouble at all putting Nadman down time and time again. We love watching Sophia in action, she almost looks innocent as Nadman falls to the floor writing in agony... Almost!. Published Thu Apr 25 2019.
This is just one of 476 videos published on this website.

bb1374 : Double Domme Outdoor Ballbusting

Sexy sadistic dommes Honour May and Nikki have their ballbusting slave tied up to the scaffolding outside. They take huge pleasure in teasing him with their bare tits then showing him how much pain they can cause his vulnerable balls with kicks, knees and squeezes. . Published Thu Apr 18 2019.
This is just one of 476 videos published on this website.

bb1373 : Time at the Bar!

Sexy barmaid Luna Toxic knows just how to get rid of a customer who won't leave the pub when she calls time - she kicks him really fucking hard in the balls! Luna is so strong and fit, she kicks really hard and floors Matthew over and over, taking great pleasure in the ball pain she is causing him.. Published Thu Apr 11 2019.
This is just one of 476 videos published on this website.

bb1372 : Using Ballbusting to Train Your Husband

Nikki has decided to teach her friend Cindy the best way to make sure her husband obeys her at all times; keeping him a state of permanent ball pain and fear of the next ballbusting! It's a very simple way of keeping the male subservient and reminding him of his weakness. Nikki demonstrates various ways of hurting Cindy's husband's balls and Cindy tests them all out under Nikki's guidance. Poor Paul's delicate balls really suffer as the ladies abuse them.. Published Thu Apr 4 2019.
This is just one of 476 videos published on this website.

bb1371 : Template for new video

Nikki's ballbusting slave has been absent from service for a while, and the cruel dominatrix is keen to re-train him to take a good hard ballkicking and crushing for her pleasure. Wearing brutal platform stiletto thigh boots, she wastes no time getting to work re-tenderising his balls and reminding him how weak his balls are when they meet with her kicking leg! She clearly loves every moment of annihilating her slave's balls.. Published Thu Mar 28 2019.
This is just one of 476 videos published on this website.

bb1370 : Ballbusting The Office Wranker

Olga catches Matthew having a sly wank at his desk and is unimpressed, so decides to punish him by busting his balls and hopefully making sure he never wanks again! Olga always impresses us with her determined ball punches, which look like they have so much power behind them as they connect over and over with Matthew's bollocks, and she's never afraid to kick him hard right where it hurts!. Published Thu Mar 21 2019.
This is just one of 476 videos published on this website.

bb1369 : Idle Husband Gets Ballbusted

Fetish Nikki's husband has been fired again and is lying around being idle at home. She decides to give him a motivational ballbusting to help him out in his search for a new job. She begins in her shiny point-toed stiletto heels and then progresses to kick him with her shapely and perfect bare feet. Matthew's nuts don't stand a chance against Fetish Nikki and her sadistic ball-hating streak!. Published Thu Mar 14 2019.
This is just one of 476 videos published on this website.

bb1368 : Nikki Busts Balls

It's time for Nadders's weekly ballbusting. Nikki, dressed in skintight shiny black latex and high black fetish boots, has a squeeze of the balls to check what state they're in and then gets on with ballbusting. Just as we'd expect from Nikki, she doesn't hold back and gives helpless Nadman's balls a really good kicking, kneeing and squeezing until they are nice and swollen.. Published Thu Mar 7 2019.
This is just one of 476 videos published on this website.

bb1367 : Ripe For Ballbusting

Expert ballbusting sadist Mistress Evilyne joins us at Ballbusting World to give a masterclass on the art of ballbusting. Evilyne demonstrates how and why balls should be busted as she shares all her knowledge of ballbusting with us, the viewers. Accurate, vicious and fun, Mistress Evilyne clearly knows and enjoys her art.. Published Thu Feb 28 2019.
This is just one of 476 videos published on this website.

bb1366 : Ballbusting Anniversary

Chloe is trying on her wedding dress on her anniversary, but Matthew points out it doesn't fit her any more and suggests she might've got a bit fat since the ceremony. Of course, this makes Chloe a very angry wife indeed, so she takes off the dress and gives her husband's balls an epic busting to punish him for his rudeness. Chloe looks sexy and powerful in her white lingerie and her toned leg muscles pop every time she kicks and knees Matthew's delicate balls and drops him to the floor in agony. Chloe is a really powerful kicker and kne-er and puts Matthew down again and again, also giving him some hard squeezes and punches in the nuts too. Hard, brutal, sexy.. Published Thu Feb 21 2019.
This is just one of 476 videos published on this website.

bb1365 : Domestic Dispute

Matthew has called the police to report his wife Nikki for kicking him in the bollocks repeatedly, but PC Jessica Wood is less than sympathetic to his situation and actually thinks Nikki is doing a great job! Nikki demonstrates to the cop how she keeps her husband in line by kicking, kneeing and squeezing his delicate little nuts and then Jessica has a turn too. Poor Matthew ends up in even more ball pain as he finds out that lots of women believe that this is how men should be controlled.. Published Thu Feb 14 2019.
This is just one of 476 videos published on this website.

bb1364 : Ballbusting Reward

Cate is a bit bored of sunbathing in the garden, so she decides to give her bound and naked slave Nadman a little ballbusting reward! Looking awesome in her red bikini which shows of her statuesque body perfectly, she subjects Nadman to hard kicks, knees, crushes and punches to the balls until she has relieved her boredom and made him very sore in the process. Nadman looks even more vulnerable than usual, naked on the lawn.. Published Thu Feb 7 2019.
This is just one of 476 videos published on this website.

bb1363 : Ballbusted for Wanking

Tiffany has caught Nadders using her iPad to jerk off to porn. She knows that testosterone is at the root of his nasty habit, so she decides that the best course of action is to punish his balls directly with some hard ballbusting. Lots of hard kicking, kneeing and punching from Tiff as she makes sure Nadman won't be wanking again for quite some time!. Published Thu Jan 31 2019.
This is just one of 476 videos published on this website.

bb1362 : Two Nikkis Fuck Up His Balls

Nadman's balls are in for a hard busting today! He's got not one Nikki but two Nikkis - Nikki Whiplash and Feitsh Nikki - teaming up to give him a brutal ballbusting. Lots of hard kicking, kneeing and squeezing of his delicate balls ensues, until they are nice and red and swollen and he's howling in agony - much to the two Nikkis' delight! These ladies really get a kick out of ballbusting.. Published Thu Jan 24 2019.
This is just one of 476 videos published on this website.

bb1361 : Football Nuts

Honour May isn't a lady you should leave waiting in the bedroom, yet somehow that's exactly what Matthew has managed to do. He's watching the football when he should be keeping his sexy girlfriend happy, and now she's pissed and his balls are going to get it! Lots of great kicking, kneeing and ball grabs from Honour, who looks like a million dollars in her expensive lingerie. She even tricks Matthew into thinking he's going to get a blow job, only to bite his balls HARD! She takes great pleasure in exacting her revenge on her useless boyfriend's balls.. Published Thu Jan 17 2019.
This is just one of 476 videos published on this website.

bb1360 : Gym Creep Gets Ballbusted

Two vicious ballbusters, Nikki and Raquel, team up in the gym to deal with a creepy perv who is trying to take photos of them as they train. He doesn't stand a chance of keeping his balls intact now these two are going for them and they knock him down over and over again with hard kicks and knees to his precious (and soon very swollen) bollocks! Sadistic, accurate ballbusting action from these two experts.. Published Thu Jan 10 2019.
This is just one of 476 videos published on this website.

bb1359 : Ballbusting Boots

Nadman makes the painful mistake of telling Fetish Nikki that she can't go out in her slut boots. His balls soon feel the wrath of Nikki as she knees, kicks and punches the chauvinism right out of him via his balls! Nadman takes some really hard ball abuse from ballbuster and cock snapper Nikki.. Published Thu Jan 3 2019.
This is just one of 476 videos published on this website.

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